Laura McGuigan


I'm a user-focused Creative Director + Designer hell-bent on creating beautiful, cohesive experiences for startups and small businesses.

I was the first designer and eventual VP of Design at TrackMaven, one of DCTech's successful startups, where I helped form the design discipline, user experience and visual identity, and was recognized for those efforts as a 2017 DCFemTech Award Winner. I've spent the last ten years working with agencies, startups, small businesses & in-house product teams. My skills range from communication design to user experience design, even to interior design + art production. 

I've helped marketing and PR teams execute on communication design projects, worked independently and alongside PMs to conduct user research, hired great designers and mentored junior designers into great designers, developed design processes that balanced exploration with deadlines, 


Analytics for Digital Marketers


From 2012 - 2016 I helped create the foundation of design for the product, brand and culture for this marketing startup. Everything from process, identity, UX decisions, hiring and mentoring designers, and more was a part of my day-to-day. 




Building a more diverse + inclusive tech culture

I teamed up with former Buffer employees to try to tackle the diversity issue in tech. My responsibilities included rebranding the identity, customer research, and product design.




a marketing conference focused on data-driven creativity

After 2 years of doing an unbranded conference, TrackMaven decided to brand their annual conference. I explored various concepts which were then expanded upon and implemented across various mediums.