Laura McGuigan

Atypical Notion


Aside from being a designer, I'm also an abstract painter! In June of 2016, I left my executive design job to pursue a freelance career alongside painting. My goal became turning it into a brand that sold art related goods; necklaces, keychains, cards, and of course, art prints. In order to do that, I had to create that identity. 

With the stylization of the A, I hoped for the brand to be a little off kilter, but only at second glance.
Because the majority of the branding would be minimal because it was a focus on product, the colors were kept to a minimum, with bright accents for calls to action. For the font, Fabiolo was a great sans-serif with a slightly off kilter vibe. It was also used in the logo. 
For business cards, I used it as an opportunity to showcase the work.
business cards.jpg
Slowly the brand has been built out to include products that align with the aesthetic I’m hoping for.